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VIP Pet Transport Services

Located in Los Angeles • International Pet Shipping

Southern California Pet Transport is the best pet and live animal transportation company. Located near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we are ready to help your pet travel in the U.S. or overseas. When a family pet travels, the process can be complicated. There are many time-sensitive deadlines and a long list of required task to complete. Southern California Pet Transport specializes in live animal transport under any circumstance. If traveling to or from Hawaii, please visit our island destination page or contact our local office in Oahu.

Pet parents have many options to consider when traveling, it is overwhelming. Each step is demanding the whole way through. Many aircraft type are not equipped to accommodate live animals and there are breed restrictions, weather embargoes, kennel requirements and stringent document guidelines. Many U.S. domestic airlines will not accept any snub nose or “fighting” dog breeds. No matter what difficulties you might face, we will find the best travel plan to meet your pet’s needs. When our clients travel, they do so on airlines with established live animal accommodations such as United, Lufthansa, Qantas, and Cathay Pacific.

Airlines that fly to island destinations have a separate list of requirements which owners of traveling pets have to follow. Keep in mind that most of these restrictions are in place to ensure the traveling pet’s safety. Some airlines also require that the person checking in the pet for a flight must have either a TSA security endorsement, a USDA certificate or an IATA membership.

If you will be traveling and need assistance organizing a pet’s travel plans, Southern California Pet Transport will help you determine your best options. You might be facing relocation schedules that materialized immediately, such as a new job or a family emergency. We assist you with organizing any pet itinerary to accommodate any circumstance. Keep in mind that most countries have a long list of things to do over a course of six months, especially if the destination is an island. We assist pets completing blood work tests, import permits, and even transportation in the destination country. We are just minutes from LAX airport and down the street from the USDA Kansa Street office and can help your pets travel no matter where they are headed.

SC Pet Transport Services

Pet Import Rules

Step one is determining your destination country’s live animal import rules. Each country has its own processes with lists of requirements for pets to meet. After origin and destination cities are determined, a preferred move date is established. The proper kennel size is decided on when we begin planning.

Cornonavirus and Pet Concerns

Covid-19 information for pets and parents.